Asst. Prof.


I am a passionate, adaptive, and quick-learning person with an expansive and finely tuned interest in the discovery of novel drugs, natural products, medicinal chemistry, neuroscience, and bioanalytical research. I principally take pleasure in collaborating with scientists from diverse disciplines to unravel new challenges using my strong medical knowledge and analytical skills.

Academic Title: Asst. Prof.

General Specialization: Pharma Chemistry

Specific Specialization: Medicinal Chemistry

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Phone: +919843454530

Degree University Name General Specialization Specific Specialization Country Date
PhD VIT University Pharma Chemistry Medicinal Chemistry India 2017/10/03
M.Sc. TN DR MGR MEDICAL UNIVERSITY Pharmacy Pharmacy India 2010/05/05
B.Sc. TN DR MGR MEDICAL UNIVERSITY Pharmacy Pharmacy India 2007/08/08
Title Status Journal Name & Number Type Date
An overview of chemical ecology of Seaweeds (food species) in natural products Published Aquaculture, Elsevier Impact Factor Journal 2019/07/19
Phytochemical and pharmacological importance of secondary metabolites in modern medicines Published Bioorganic Phase in Natural food: An overview, Springer Impact Factor Journal 2018/07/10
Biosynthesis and characterization of copper oxide nanoparticles and its anticancer activity on human colon cancer cell lines (HCT-116) Published J Photochemistry and Photobiology B, Elsevier Impact Factor Journal 2017/12/20
Cerebroprotective effect of petroleum ether and ethanol extracts of Abrus precatorius in Alzheimer's disease Published PharmaNutrition, Elsevier Impact Factor Journal 2014/06/11
    Course Name Level Semester Department
    Physical Pharmacy I Second Fall 23 Pharmacy
      Project Title Degree Department