Yusra Mohammed Salman is a lecturer at the Department of English Language, College of Arts, Catholic University in Erbil. She obtained her Master Degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from the Academy of Postgraduate Studies, School of Humanities, Department of Languages in 2003(Libya/Tripoli). She received her Bachelor's Degree in English Language from the Faculty of Languages/Al- Fateh(Tripoli) University in 1998. Her general major is English Language and her specific major is Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Yusra has been working since 2003 as a university lecturer, researcher and translator. She had organized many training sessions and workshops related to English language skills' enhancement and development. She has also participated in conferences and symposiums. Her main research interests include, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Applied Linguistics and Translation.

Academic Title: Lecturer

General Specialization: English Language

Specific Specialization: TEFL

Contact Details:


Phone: 07501966984

Degree University Name General Specialization Specific Specialization Country Date
M.A. The Libyan Academy English Language TEFL Libya 2003/07/30
B.A. Tripoli University English language English language Libya 1998/07/30
Title Status Journal Name & Number Type Date
Colligational Problems Faced by English Majors Published QALAAI ZANIST JOURNAL 7 (3), 1104-1130 Journal with DOI 2022/09/30
linguistic Deviation in Literary Style:A Stylistic Analysis Published Cihan University-Erbil Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences4 (1), 7-16 Journal with DOI 2020/02/10
The Role of Edutainment in Classroom Teaching Published ournal of Tikrit University for Humanities 25 (3), 1-36 Journal with DOI 2018/03/20
Treatment and Teaching of Collocations Published Cihan University-Erbil Scientific Journal Journal with DOI 2017/12/19
Characteristic Features of Collocation Published urnal of Al-Frahids Arts 9 (30), 29-42 Journal with DOI 2017/06/30
Semantics and Pragmatics: A Practical Course for the Study of Meaning Published Zain Legal Publications,Beirut,Lebanon Journal with DOI 2017/06/25
English Loanwords in Iraqi Arabic with Reference to Computer, Internet and Mobile Phone Jargon Published Cihan University-Erbil Scientific Journal 1 (1), 271-294 Journal with DOI 2017/02/10
Exaggeration in Poetic Texts: Translation Criticism Published Journal of Al-Frahedis Arts| 8 (25), 394-414 Journal with DOI 2016/03/04
Collocation, colligation and semantic prosody Published Buhuth Mustaqbalia 43, 1-34 Journal with DOI 2013/02/12
    Course Name Level Semester Department
    General English First Fall 23 Accounting Departmtment
    General English First Spring 23 Accounting Department
    General English First Spring 23 IT&CS
    General English First Fall 23 CS&IT
    Guided Composition Second Fall 23 Department of English Language
    Paragraph Writing First Spring 23 English Language
    Teaching Methodologies Third Spring 23 English Language
    Teaching Methods Fourth Fall 23 Department of English Language
      Project Title Degree Department
      Verb -Agreement Patterns in Kurmanji of Sinjar with Reference to English:A Morpho -Syntactic Respective B.A. Department of English Language